Classic Ford Show 

Run What Ya Brung!

Leading advanced fuel system equipment brand Sytec has joined The Classic Ford Show as a welcome sponsor of the entire drag strip!

Sytec is a leading brand of Glencoe Limited, a supplier of professional fuel system equipment (including fuel pumps, pressure regulators, filters and a whole host of other parts) to Formular One, race and rally teams. 

It's products are widely used at the heart of the modifying scene both and club and street tuning enthusiasts - visit the official Glencoe website at for all your performance fuel system requirements.


Rung What Ya Brung 

Your mission is to accelerate from a standing start and cover the quarter-mile in the shortest time possible. You will receive a full performance print out, showing your reaction time, terminal speed, and elapsed time as well as a host of incremental measures.

For just £20 you’ll get four runs up the strip so there are plenty of chances to improve your time. To book, head to the RWYB sign-on office marked on the map from 09:00am ­– all you’ll need to sign on is a full UK or European Driving Licence. 







Saturday 3rd June

From 09:00

17:30 – 20:00



Sunday 4th June

From 09:00

09:30 – 17:00


4 Runs


Tickets are available to purchase on the day only at the sign-in office. Passenger tickets can also be purchased on the day for £10. Both drivers and passengers will be required to show their full UK (or other EU state) driving licence. Tickets are valid all day.



Mallory Park Circuit,
Church Road, Kirkby Mallory,
Leicestershire, LE9 7QE

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