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Rally Passenger Rides

Jump in the passenger seat of London Rally School’s professional Ford Escort RS2000 rally cars for just £15 and experience the thrill of off-road! These fully blown rally thoroughbreds are capable of 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and built to take on the most demanding gravel and tarmac special stages out there!

The Cars: Ford Escort RS2000

These cars are as popular today as they ever have been with famous drivers like Colin McRae actively competing throughout Europe in them. Due to the Escort’s front engine, rear wheel drive layout these cars are mega fun to drive and prove to be ultra reliable with big BHP outputs. Our fleet of Escorts are professionally built to full group 4 specification and are capable of competing successfully in rallies throughout the UK.

Ford Escort RS2000 Specification

• Engine – single over head cam 8v
• Capacity – 2000cc
• Power – 160bhp @ 5800rpm
• Drive – Rear wheel drive
• Transmission – Four speed manual close ratio straight cut gearbox, plate type LSD
• Performance – 0 to 60mph in 6.8 seconds
• Safety: Full roll cage, bucket seats, race harnesses, fire extinguishers

How to book your passenger ride

Head over to the London Rally School on the day to book your passenger ride. Rides cost £15 per person. The thrill of rally driving is like nothing you will have ever experienced before!



Mallory Park Circuit,
Church Road, Kirkby Mallory,
Leicestershire, LE9 7QE

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