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Burnout Challenge

Introducing the Burnout Challenge

New burnout competition at the Classic Ford Show 2017!

We all love to see classic Fords making some smoke in the Burnout Box before the startline at Santa Pod's world-famous drag strip. But this year we're taking it to the next level with the brand-new Burnout Challenge at the Classic Ford Show — and you can take part both as participant and judge!

The Live Action Arena will host a special burnout competition on the Sunday of the Classic Ford Show featuring your favourite Fords attempting to create as much smoke as possible from their tyres — and even better, it's down to you, the audience to cheer on who makes the most smoke and is therefore the winner and crowned Burnout Challenge Champion 2017.

The Burnout Challenge is open to anyone with a classic Ford who's not afraid to destroy a pair of tyres (or more!) in the name of competition, so get those entries in now!

How it works

The Live Action Arena will host the challenge in the afternoon of the Classic Ford Show, and the winner will be the guy or girl who gets the biggest cheer.



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